Fees, Insurance, Confidentiality, and E-Mail Correspondence

Fees: My fees are in keeping with the rates my colleagues are charging, and fall within the "usual and customary" range of many insurance companies.

If You Plan to Use Health Insurance: I will help you prepare a list of questions you can ask your insurer to help you learn more about your benefits. I will also provide you with a statement at the end of each month containing all the information your insurance company requires to process your claim.

My Policies Regarding Participation in Insurance Plans: You might be able to get reimbursement through your insurance plan even if I do not participate on your insurance company's panel. I will help you prepare a list of questions to ask your insurer to learn more about your benefits.

Using Insurance: As you are deciding whether or not to use your insurance benefits to cover your psychotherapy, you should take into consideration the following:

Who Makes Decisions about Your Treatment? I believe the authority to make decisions about your therapy rests with you, not your insurance company. Many insurance companies require periodic reports about your therapy in order to decide whether or not to authorize continuing treatment, or to determine what type of therapy they will approve. These decisions are made by employees at the insurance company who have never met you, nor been involved in your therapy. While some of these employees are experienced clinicians, many have limited training.

Due to my commitment to confidentiality and my belief that you should be in charge of your treatment, I do not participate in managed care panels or accept assignment of benefits. I will help you formulate questions you may want to ask of your insurance company to determine your benefits, and help you decide whether or not you wish to use your insurance benefits to cover your therapy.

Confidentiality: I will make every effort to protect your personal information. You must sign a consent form before I release any information about your therapy. However, please be aware of the following considerations:

E-Mail Correspondence: E-mail is not a secure medium. Therefore, I suggest that you phone me to learn more about how I work or to ask any other questions. I recommend that you convey any sensitive information to me by letter rather than e-mail.